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2015 total output value of packaging industry


2015 total output value of packaging industry

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China packaging network news from the eleventh 2015 Guangzhou international packaging products exhibition, known as the "barometer of China's high-end packaging market" was informed that this year the total output value of China's packaging industry is expected to reach 6000 yuan, an increase of 6% over last year.

It is reported, the eleventh session of the Guangzhou international packaging products exhibition will be held in Nanfeng International Exhibition Center from March 18th to 20. From organizers Guangzhou Xinghui exhibition company research information display, this year, China's total industrial output value of packaging is expected to reach 60 billion yuan, than last year growth of around 6%. Among them, the first one or two years into a standstill in the development of high-end packaging industry, this year will pick up the track, the output value is expected to reach 1400 yuan, an increase of 8% over last year, higher than the industry average growth rate.

In this regard, some industry analysts believe that the central inhibition of public consumption, against extravagance "combination of boxing," series of force, indirectly by making some excessive exquisite high-end packaging products and enterprises in a quandary. This shows that excessive high-end packaging not only undermines the consumer's feelings, but also affect the profits of the enterprise.

In fact, the steady growth of China's national consumption, including jewelry, cosmetics, tea, wine, tobacco, fine food, health products, electronic products, gifts and other industries market size is still growing, and the market competition continues to grow, labor costs continue to rise, environmental protection requirements continue to improve, and thus gave birth to a number of high-end packaging materials, packaging design, packaging manufacturing business.

In this regard, many industry insiders believe that after a year of integration, only to change the concept of consumer spending, to avoid excessive exaggeration of high-end packaging, to create a creative, convenient, simple, personalized, eye-catching packaging, high-end packaging industry can gradually find the breakthrough point of industrial development.

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