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From the packaging originality to the packaging material to see what the printing process has done


From the packaging originality to the packaging material to see what the printing process has done

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What is creativity? Is launched JDB pot of gold packaging, is Coca Cola in the bottle packaging printed personalized labels, packaging design is also the farmer mountain spring gains a number of awards, or... I have to say, these are amazing ideas. However, a good idea is still needed to be operational.
To make the packaging creative into kind, the support of printing technology. The rapid development of printing technology, so that the idea into reality, not only enriched the creative packaging design, but also brings more personalized packaging business opportunities.
Come together to see, what are all the printing technology can be used for packaging printing?
Digital printing in packaging
Digital printing packaging technology is increasingly recognized by the market, the short version of the printing products, packaging and printing, personalized packaging has become one of the effective tools to attract customers.
Digital printing technology can be used for brand protection, using transparent toner or ink can realize UV fluorescence. At present, the demand of brand retailers is more creative and efficient product packaging design, which is the development of digital printing technology in the field of packaging. The only bar code printed on the product packaging can be traced to the entire supply chain.
Digital printing technology to create low-cost advantages, highly packaged products. In the next 5 years, the use of digital printing in the packaging and printing market value will be 13.6% of the average annual compound growth rate, the market size will be 16.2% of the average annual compound growth rate. Label digital printing 80.5% of its market value, the market size of 93.5%, mainly used in carton, corrugated board, flexible packaging, rigid plastic and metal packaging, and the application rate increased rapidly.
The use of digital printing technology, packaging and printing is one of the industries in the printing industry to maintain a rapid growth momentum of the industry. According to the international authority of the Research Institute of the organization Smiths Pierre estimates, this year, the industry's global market capitalization of about $105. Now, the digital printing packaging technology is constantly progress, technological innovation in the packaging industry has produced a huge driving force.
Ink jet printing
New type of ink and printing materials, brought to the short version of packaging and printing business confidence for packaging printing enterprises.
The rapid economic, digital printing, packaging printing proofs and model. Digital wrapper technology through the production of small packaging templates to help businesses of the regional market sales forecast, and then consider whether or not to use the traditional printing process of large quantities of packing and printing. Traditional printing methods in such a short version of the live production is clearly cost. The inkjet printing process is simple, the production cycle is short, you can also add and change the print information at any time, at the same time, do not have to worry about the issue of delivery time.
Inkjet printing can be achieved in the special medium possible to print, for wide format inkjet printing technology can used in packaging field to provide technical support. For example, soft white film packaging, you can use solvent based ink jet printers to achieve. In addition, solvent based ink jet printer can also print directly on the shrink film, the packaging model and the short version of printing, after printing, the film from the temporary support, cutting, shrink to the packaging.
Wide format inkjet printing technology for packaging printing enterprises provides a new high effective selection, it can do graphic rapid conversion and timely delivery, and by reducing inventory and greatly saving the cost. In the near future, wide format inkjet printing will become a mainstream technology is packaging printing industry to adopt, play an important role in the packaging market in future.
In the soft packaging gravure printing
With the flexible packaging gravure printing industry technology, equipment and materials tends to environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, more and more new technology began to be used to flexible packaging gravure printing industry.
Domestic gravure equipment manufacturing enterprises adopt the set of fast pre accurate, high precision tension control of the latest technology, making trim loss, equipment restart loss (a), for a single loss, to start before the storage of order loss and reducing the speed loss etc. has reached a very low level, even superior in some respects to the international advanced level. Now, the advanced gravure printing machine auxiliary operation time is greatly shortened.
Gravure printing in the production process of drying box by the consumption of energy accounted for a larger proportion, the application of heat pump technology, waste heat recovery system, hierarchical oven can effectively reduce the energy consumption. The automatic monitoring system based on LEL can reduce the risk of explosion and combustion in the drying system, while the cost of the tail gas treatment is reduced.
Gravure printing technology, greatly improving the efficiency of flexible packaging printing, but also promote the production of green packaging.
Flexo printing for flexible packaging
Flexo printing is a relatively environmentally friendly printing. With the popularity of the technology mature and the concept of environmental protection, flexo printing future in soft package industry development will be immeasurable.
Flexo printing using a flexible photosensitive resin plate, raised the relief printing ink transfer to the substrate, with high resolution. High resolution image resolution printing flexo printing can reach 4000ppi2, and the resolution of 2450ppi2 is the basic standard of flexo printing. High resolution flexo printing can be more full field, better ink transfer, softer high light transition, high quality images for better reconstruction effect, and achieves above the wire number 150lpi reproduction ability.
Flexographic printing can take smaller orders, now new flexo printing machine can achieve at least 1.5 ~ 2 million orders. Flexo printing can achieve high resolution
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