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The packaging industry in the era of data from the understanding of what is to learn how to go


The packaging industry in the era of data from the understanding of what is to learn how to go

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Big data, this word is also from the initial hot, to gradually cool down. But after cooling, but also more easy to let us see reality.
Talk about definitions
Online definitions may be long or short, but on the Internet, or can use three words to understand what is the Internet: Internet, big data, cloud computing. Internet also passed 2, 3, 1 times. 1 is the PC of the Internet, 2 is the mobile Internet (12=13=14 years, starting at iPhone). The third phase is the concept of the Internet of things - through sensors, more and more intelligent.
Intelligent means, the Internet is a tool, the packaging industry can be a simple solution to the industry's own and consumer Internet tools, is the industry itself and the consumer Internet a process, it provides a convenient way for the printing and packaging solutions, and in the back is a change in the era of consumer habits. Whether personal or business needs to face the work that must be done, that is to analyze the use of a tool - big data.
And the big data is popular, is the master of more data.
Life change of hand data
More data to master may be an abstract argument, but the master of this data if applied to life, indeed from the details of our lives.
Change comes from demand. Go out to travel, fancy a local specialty, decided to buy is very easy, and the shop owner will spend tens of minutes on its packaging, and even ask you if you are willing to order some more convenient portable packaging. Such a store in the domestic various tourist areas are very common, the printing and packaging industry thought of their needs? Fruit sales, whether online or offline, are required to pack. Printing and packaging enterprises need to solve the problem of packaging, buffer layer, storage layer, labels, etc., but how many such packaging every day? The fruit is not clear.
Change comes from simple. Do not need fine packing, farmers only hope not to deteriorate when the guests receive the fruit, easy to transport and open. Both to solve the over packaging problem, but also for the fruit fresh, supply and demand for more time to fight. Eggs, seafood, vegetables and other fresh is the same?
Change from mutation. Some medium-sized cities small printing and packaging plant, usually a smaller volume of orders, if all of a sudden there is the large amount of order packaging needs, is not enough time to prepare the materials, production process can not immediately adapt to, what?
Change so much, even more than we imagine the speed of spread.
Cultural and universal mutual boost
In addition to a number of issues mentioned above, the integration of cultural creativity, or local characteristics, but also a kind of obvious appearance.
Demand and change outside the requirements are met, people began to pay more attention to the added value of the product, this period, the integration of cultural and creative, is undoubtedly the way to increase product added value. If the details of design, process and mounting into the more cultural and creative elements, the packaging industry also jumped out of the simple processing and service category. How to create value for customers at the same time for printing enterprises themselves to create value? How to profit, profit before how to "burn" has value?
Some people come up with a personalized way, we observe the personalized web sites can provide products, such as photo book, postcards, desk calendar, notebook...... Is a combination of creative design products. But in fact, screen printing market, too many similar customized content and make people boring. As the edge of the industry, and manufacturing industry can be linked to the creative industry. In combination with the Internet, to create a personalized printing and packaging media culture industry chain is the most impressive way.
A cover from the production line to the material plan, from the equipment maintenance to proofing technology, from the new process design to the logistics and distribution of intelligent applications can be a great help to solve the above problems. A large number of packages are full of society, some sites also can be targeted to solve the recycling of these packages, which is an important part of environmental protection, the printing and packaging industry must be involved and create more ways.
In addition to the traditional mode of service or project and try new and different business model may become the future business model of the classic, is also likely to become engaged in printing business "dangerous." the warning signs.
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